“A must for job seekers... Practical, comprehensive,
  and great fun to read.”
       —Jaime Adams, The Adams Agency

"Smart, insightful approaches to get results...
  Should be required reading for anyone who wants
  to communicate clearly."
       —Caress Kennedy, President, Career Blazers

Okay. Here it is. The ultimate How To for anyone who’s entering or reentering the job market, starting a small business, or working freelance. Crammed with information, both technical and strategic, about everything listed in the subtitle (and more!), this is sure to be the one and only writing book you’ll need.

Based on a college course she taught in New York City at the School of Visual Arts, and on years of successful experience in business, Scrivener has penned a handbook that’s lively and conversational, and embodies her basic premise: That business writing, too, should have a conversational tone.

Answering tricky questions about grammar and punctuation, about sharpening thoughts to a point, about marketing, strategizing, handling stuff you hate (“The 10 Most Horrible Letters You Have to Write”), dealing with sticky contracts, and protecting your ideas, this engaging little volume is a classic you’ll want to keep.


"The best part of this guide is that it tackles very dry step-by-step instructions with hilarious humor. I found myself laughing out loud over 'How to Write a Resumé' and 'Letters of Agreement.'

"The topics cover just about any and all required correspondence and communication, from emails to sales pitches....All done with smart, insightful approaches to get results. If you need to communicate with others (who doesn't?) you need to read this book."
      —Caress Kennedy, President,
         Career Blazers

“Survival Writing, with its do-it-yourself exercises, shows you how to write your own ticket to success. It’s a reference book you’ll turn to for many years to come. Get it, read it, use it!”
     —Robert Masello, author of Robert’s Rules
         of Writing

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